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So, in case India-forums decide to delete the old posts, I figure I might as well save them somewhere. Perhaps I should print them out just in case but for now, I’ll just place them all on this stagnant page. Actually, I do have to print these out so I have a record of all the comments. Oh well, that’s for another day.


Anything For You
“These are my friends and the ones who I spent two years of my internship life with…Armaan, Rahul, Muskaan, Riddhima and well you know my fiance, Anjail as well as your senior doctor, Nikita. And guys, these are the new interns of Sanjeevani…Siddhant, Tamana, JP, Jiggy who is really not an intern but a very dear part of the group, Naina and Yuvraaj.” Everybody said hi as they were introduced by a very beaming Atul.
“So Siddhant, you and Tamana are dating?” Armaan smiled at the two interns who were standing very close to each other.
“Huh, huh…Tamana…Tamana is papa dude…I mean Omar bhai’s daughter!” Sid and Tamana looked every where except at each other in embarrassment.
“Dating? What does that mean Dr. Armaan?” Omar bhai looked at all of them with a confused expression.
“Uh….oh….what I meant was….that they are good friends”, Armaan managed to say while Riddhima gave him an angry look
To avoid any further embarrassment, everybody instead started to talk about the upcoming wedding, Atul and Anjail’s wedding. While everybody were happily discussing the wedding, a pair of eyes were staring very intently at its object of affection. For the past few days, Yuvi’s eyes were fixated at Naina, wherever she went so did he. Things were not the same anymore between them, instead they were the opposite. Yuvi had now adopted the habit of following Naina around as part of her…as her shadow.
Later in the Day
He had her against the wall again, with her arms securely locked as he tried to get past her defensive shield. She was struggling against him but like the past few months, she wasn’t saying anything.
“Dammit Naina! Say something, why are you not talking to me? I hurt you I know, so why don’t you yell at me for it? I was wrong about Dr. Shashank and it was wrong to use you for revenge, so yell at me for that. Hit me for all I care! Please, do or say something! Your silence and indifference is killing me. Please!” Yuvi’s eyes teared up but Naina did not budge.
He let go of her and punched the glass window next to them in frustration. But this time, Naina didn’t come running to his aid, she stood there in silence as a walking dead. She continued to stand at the same spot as Yuvi struggled to provide himself first aid and as a tear rolled down his cheek. After few minutes of watching his struggle, she moved….without saying a word, she helped Yuvi bandage his hand….and then she left.
Next Day
“Yuvi, what happened to your hand?” Tamana questioned with a worried look, though Yuvi did not answer.
“C’mon angry young man! What’s wrong? Seems like you’re extra upset today!” Sid commented looking amused but worried
When Yuvi did not respond again, Sid got up to examine Yuvi’s hand but before he got there…Jiggy came running into the room.
“Guys, you won’t believe it! Naina…naina”, Yuvi’s eyes shot up at the mention of her name. “She has agreed to come to the wedding as my date!” Jiggy fixed his glasses with a broad smile which soon vanished when he noticed Yuvi’s angry stare.
“Um…Yuvi….you and Naina have broken up! So…so I can go out with her…right guys?” Jiggy looked at his friends for approval who looked as scared as him.
“Broke up? Dr. Yuvraaj, when were you and Naina dating?” a recently walked in Dr. Shashank questioned in all seriousness
Before anyone could answer, Naina came into the room, looking as gloomy as she had been looking for the last couple of months.
“You’re coming to the wedding with Jiggy?” Yuvi looked at Naina in anger
He knew the answer….silence, but he still asked hoping she would answr…and she did.
“Yes! Why do you care about what I do?” Naina looked at Yuvi expressionless
Instead of answering Yuvi pressed hard on the water glass he was holding in his injured hand. When it broke, a few shrieks and his name was heard but Naina didn’t say anything. He continued to press on the broken glass until she finally gave in….
“What are you doing, Yuvi? What are you trying to prove by doing this? Stop it!” Naina snatched the pieces of glass from him thus injuring her own hand.
“Why did you hurt yourself for me Naina? Why? What do you want from me? Naina…naina…I apologized didn’t I? Why can’t you forget it?” Yuvi’s voice softened as he grabbed hold of Naina’s waist and brought her closer to him
“No Yuvi, the correct question is what do you want from me? I am tired of covering up for your mistakes Yuvi! Why can’t you leave me alone?” Naina’s voice sounded angry but tired
“Covering up for my mistake? Is that what is bothering you, Naina? Fine then let me make this easier for you!” turns to Dr. Shashank. “Dr. Shashank, I was the one who entered your cabin without your permission….every time. It wasn’t Naina!” Dr. Shashank looked at him in shock, while Naina tried to silence him. “I was the one who sabatoged your mask during that big surgery, Naina accidentally took the mask…that’s why she fainted….” Yuvi continued to tell Dr. Shashank of all the time Naina covered his mistakes, while Naina continued to get him to shut up.
“Sir, you can do whatever you want with me…but Naina….I love you! And I am willing to do anything and everything for you! You just need to ask! If I can go to any extent for my revenge, you cannot even begin to imagine…what I can do for you Naina”, Yuvi kissed Naina’s forehead before leaving the room, leaving a very shocked Naina behind.
“You haven’t lost your smile at all, it’s right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.”
Ever since she had come back home, he noticed that she seem really lost and upset. Whenever he tried to talk to her, she would make an excuse and avoid the topic. He was even more surprised that when his friend offered a proposal for his son, Naina accepted it immediately. Unlike the other times, she didn’t make any excuse or try to drive the groom away.
He noticed Naina getting more quieter as the marriage preparations started. When he asked her to invite her colleagues from Sanjeevani to the wedding, she made an excuse.
“If she isn’t calling them, than why don’t you? You know Dr. Shashank, call him! And ask him to bring along all of Naina’s friends, she will feel very happy,” Mrs Mehta handed her husband the phone.
Everyone came besides him, she told herself that it was for the better, but her eyes still searched for him. She was soon distracted from her thoughts when she was called down to meet her in-laws.
He saw her coming down the stairs looking like an angel descending from the sky. She was the beautiful woman on Earth, and beyond….pity he couldn’t reach out and hug her. She approached him with a smile very unlike of her’s, which made his heart twist in an unbelievable way. Well, he had come back to get her Naina smile back and he would do that no matter what.
She had never seen a guy as hideous as the one sitting before her, it seem as if had taken extra effort to look that way. On top of it all, his eyes or rather what looked like his eyes, were shaped exactly like….like Yuvi’s. She shuddered at the thought, as much as she loved Yuvi, she did not want to be reminded of him….or his betrayal. After she was displayed like a china doll in front of in-laws, she was taken back to her room.
“Did she recognize him?” JP looked at Mr. Mehta with a questioning look
“No….no! She is my daughter! If I couldn’t catch her lies, how can she catch mine?” Mr. Mehta patted JP on the back with a smile.
“Well….she is gone now, can I please get out of this freaking sari. I am starting to doubt my gender now”, Mac tried to take the sari off in front of everyone but was jumped on by the others.
“Guys, chill! It’s just a matter of few days…I’ll make Naina forgive me soon,” Yuvi took the fake mustache off
“Well, punjabi idiot….I know my daughter, she will forgive you in no time….though she might get angry at you again for lying”, Yuvi hit his forehead in frustration and fear
Next Morning
“Aeh Naina, I was wondering….why don’t you spend some time with Vamesh. He is such a nice boy”, Mr. Mehta exclaimed with exaggeration while the others tried to suppress their giggles.
“Yeah Naina, uncle dude is right! That Yu….Yamesh seems really nice!” Sid tried really hard to sound genuine especially since Naina was making weird faces.
“Yea, yea flowerji! He is nice….very nice! Right Jiggy?” JP poked Jiggy in the ribs to get his attention
The rest of the gang, including Dr. Shashank started to praise the groom to no end until….
“STOP!!” Naina jumped out of her chair and glared at everyone on the table. “What’s with you all? Fine he is a nice boy, I agree! You don’t all have to spell it out for me”, Naina sat down but couldn’t help wondering what was with her friends and family these days.
“Aye, punjabi dikra! I just called to tell you Naina has agreed to go out with you. Make sure you don’t mess up this time. Over and out, your guju sasur”, Mr. Mehta held the phone as a walkie talkie while talking and failed to heart that the person on the other side was Mac and not Yuvi.
After getting off the phone, Mac burst into an uncontrollable laughter….
“Have you lost it or something? Why are you laughing as a lunatic? And who was on the phone? Wait…why did you pick my phone up?” Yuvi looked at Mac as if he had just grown two heads
“Yu…Yuh…Yuvi….man…your…your sausur…”, Mac failed to complete his sentence, which frustrated Yuvi to no end
“My sasur…you mean Naina’s dad was on the phone. Why didn’t you call me? And what did he say”, Yuvi jumped on a laughing Mac to stop him from laughing.
“Yuvi…Yuvi…I swear…if I was a lady and 40 years older…I would have seriously eloped with this man! But….but that would have made me your saas…imgaine that Yuvi”, Mac started to laugh even more at the thought of being Yuvi’s saas.
“Well…you did become my mother yesterday! Enjoy being Naina’s saas, why don’t you?” Yuvi got off Mac and smirked at him
Mac stopped laughing immediately and gave Yuvi a dirty look before telling him what Mr. Mehta said…though, since Mr. Mehta forgot to tell the time and day for the date…Yuvi had to call him back..
“Hello, who is it?”, Mr. Mehta yelled into the phone
“Um…sir…it’s Yuvi! You didn’t tell the time and the date actually….when is she meeting me”, Yuvi rubbed his ear
“Why didn’t you ask me before when I called you? Don’t you know how dangerous it is to talk right now? Stupid Punjabi dikra! I am sure you will mess up again!”, Mr. Mehta yelled…though he shushed as soon as he saw his wife glaring at him
“Sir…time?”, Yuvi tried to sound as polite as possible…even if he was feeling a bit frustrated
“Oh…time…well…oh ya…at 6 meet her in the Lalawanti partI hope you know where it is and if you don’t…make sure you know”, Mr. Mehta cut the call, leaving Yuvi seething in anger
“Yuvi…control dude!” Mac put his hand on Yuvi’s shoulder
“Sorry, I’m fine! I just can’t believe this!” Yuvi smiled broadly. “I hated these kind of people…who told me what to do and what not to do! Sir is exactly like that and I do get frustrated with him…but than I don’t mind it that much…or at least I calm down more quickly. Love is such a beautiful feeling”, Yuvi starts to day-dream about Naina with a goofy smile on his face…leaving Mac to stare at his almost unrecognizable friend.
At 6 in the park
Yuvi waited for Naina in his Yamesh get-up for at least an hour before she showed up…looking as mesmerizing as ever. She noticed him checking her out carefully…for some reason she got the same goosebumps as when Yuvi used to check her out. She mentally kicked herself for thinking about him again and instead plastered a fake smile on her face as she approached Yamesh.
“Hi, how are you?”, Naina tried to sound as if she was really glad to see him but failed miserably
Yuvi answered really casually as if he was really Yamesh and not fooling Naina into believing that he was. They both walked up to the nearest bench and Naina sat as far apart from him as possible. They talked about random things…and Yuvi made up Yamesh’s life as they went along…
“Um…Nainaji…don’t mind me asking but have you ever had a boyfriend…or I mean someone that you liked or loved?” Yuvi asked the question as it was the most casual thing to ask
Naina grew quieter and didn’t respond to the question immediately…
“No! There was never a guy in my life”, Naina lied through her teeth
“Why do you lie when you can’t”, Yuvi shut his eyes in frustration as he realized what he just said
Naina looked at him in surprise…she really felt as if Yuvi was right there with her…commenting on her lying ability as he always did. Her eyes started to tear up, she immediately got up and sad a quick bye before leaving the place as fast as her feet could take her.
“I knew you would mess it up, stupid Punjabi dikra!” Yuvi looked at his side as Mr. Mehta came out of his hiding
“I am sorry…I just wanted to know if she remembers me”, Mr. Mehta noticed unshed tears in Yuvi’s eyes
She is very stubborn…but…but she remembers you!”, Mr. Mehta patted Yuvi’s back
“But she doesn’t want to talk to me….or have anything to do with me”, Yuvi looked down at his hands to avoid meeting the eyes of the older gentleman
“Of course she doesn’t want anything to do with you! What you did to her is unforgettable but…it is not unforgivable! You had your reasons…and if I, your friends…and Dr. Shashank can understand them…than so will she”, Mr. Mehta took his hand off Yuvi’s shoulder and looked at the kids playing in front of them
Yuvi looked up to watch the same kids play…they sat there silently for half an hour before they got up to leave
“Yuvi…you’ve broken my daughter’s trust once…please don’t do it again! You’re a nice boy…at least I am sure you are…please it’s a father’s plead”, Mr. Mehta folded his hands in front of Yuvi…who immediately broke it apart
“Sir…please…don’t! I like you better when you yell at me and call me stupid! Don’t worry this time I’ll make sure that the smile stays on her face…the Naina smile”, Yuvi tried to smile with the same unshed tears in his eyes.
As they both left together…a figure emerged from behind the tree with floating tears
At Home
“Papa, how could YOU break my trust like that?” Naina yelled as soon as she got home and confronted her father.
“Naina…what are you talking about?” Mr. Mehta got up from his chair
“What am I talking about? You…you…actually all of you broke my trust! There is no Yamesh right? That’s Yuvi isn’t he?” Naina wiped the dried tears from her cheeks
“Naina…I…we…”, Mr. Mehta tried to explain but failed to come with an explanation
“Forget it, Papa! It doesn’t matter anymore! I am so used to betrayals that one more will not hurt me anymore”, Naina started to walk up to her room when she heard the door open
“He didn’t break your trust! It was all my idea…I am the one who has betrayed you again!” Yuvi looked at others as they shook their head to stop him
“You’re right Yuvi…it is all your fault! Ever since you’ve come into my life…all I’ve been suffering from is betrayal…before you made me lose trust in love and now in my family and friends”, Naina’s words were filled with venom which Yuvi could taste in his mouth surprisingly
“I agree it is my fault…but everybody get’s one chance…am I not allowed to have one chance either? I told you Naina that I can’t even stop myself from betraying even if I want to…I really wanted to Naina. You don’t know how much I hurt myself physically and emotionally for all I did to you”, Yuvi’s voice sounded more weak than Naina had ever heard
“How do you expect me to trust you again, Yuvi? How?” Naina turned back to face Yuvi with a tear in her eyes
“Don’t trust me! At least not right away…but give me a chance to prove myself…just once chance and I promise this is the last chance”, Yuvi looked straight into Naina’s eyes…hoping she could see honesty in his eyes.
“I want to Yuvi…but…”, Naina couldn’t decide if she should listen to her heart or her brain
“Naina…I heard in a movie that when there is a battle between heart and brain…the heart always win…please listen to your heart”, Naina looked at Yuvi in surprised. “Well..I’ve been watching way too many movies these days…how else do you think I got the idea to dress Mac like a girl? And convince Sid that though I sabotaged his plan to get his love with lying…he should support me with this lie” Yuvi tried to lighten up the atmosphere
Instead of answering, Naina looked around the room and saw everyone beaming at both of them…as well as finally noticing Mac…who was standing there beside her mom dressed as a woman. She looked back at Yuvi and finally gave him a Naina smile…she may not trust him but she was definitely willing to give him a chance…especially after he went through all this effort for her.
He was standing at the far end of the hallway, far enough from the rest but close enough to hear. They weren’t quite happy that he was here…that he was back. Well, how could they be happy, he hadn’t left the best impression the last time he met them and this time…He came back for just one person, the one person he wanted back at any cost.
She saw him glancing at them time and time again…he had a very focused expression. Why wouldn’t he? He was probably planning his next move. Last time he came…he humilated her and this time…Sammy ended up in the hopsital. She was getting sick and tired of his antics, she wasn’t going to let him get away with anything this time around.
“Listen, I need to talk to you! NOW!” all her friends looked at her in surprise
“Um…Deeds…why do you want to talk to that RV”, Uday exclaimed rather too loudly for an hospital…for which he was stared down by the hospital staff.
“Stay out of it, dodo! Ran…vijay, I said I need to talk!”, Dia hated to even say his name…let alone talk to him…but this was necessary.
RV knew that Dia didn’t want him to follow her so he could explain himself but rather so she could accuse him for everything. He had come back for her, so he had to do as she bid and accept all her accusations. She had all the right to be angry at him…
He saw her standing by the doors leading to the cafetaria with unshed tears in her eyes. This was going to give him nightmares for days to come…as the same tears had haunted him for the last couple of months.
“Dia…you wanted to talk to his…I mean me”, RV approached Dia slowly as if he was afraid that she would jump on him any minute.
“Listen Ranvijay, I didn’t call you here because I want anything to do with you! I just…why are you back?” Dia’s face expressed a tired and defeated expression
“I…I came back for you, my Princess!” RV managed to give a small smile despite feeling an emptiness in his heart
“Oh…so you have come back for me? What do you think…I am going to fall into your trap again? I know what you’re trying to do Ranvijay, you want me to believe you so I can help you escape the charges coming your way”, Dia smirked boldly
“Charges? What charges, Dia?” RV asked with a confused expression
“For attempted murder, of course! Have you forgotten, Sammy is in the operation theatre right now because you tried to kill him,” Dia gave an angry stare to RV.
“Attempted murder? Dia, believe me! It was just an accident! I just….I was coming to the party to give you a surprise! I swear…believe me!” RV looked horrified at the thought of being accused of trying to harm or rather kill Samrat.
“Believe you? I should believe you Ranvijay? What have you done so far to gain my trust? I promise Ranvijay, if anything happens to Samrat…I am not going to let any police take you away…I’ll kill you myself! I’ll end your story, once and for all”, something in Dia’s expression convinced RV that she was serious about her threat.
Before RV could respond, Benji came running to take Dia away; Samrat was out of danger and she was needed there. Something in the way those two interacted, seeded a doubt in RV’s mind that there was more to their relationship than why met the eyes.
“Well, I can’t let that go on for long, can I? I am sorry Dia! I didn’t come here for Samrat…I have no need for him anymore! I want you back, my Princess and I will get you back…that is RV’s promise”, RV exclaimed after Benji took Dia away from him…for now!
“C’mon Naina, I am not going to wear this, I look like a joker”, he struggled with buttoning up with one hand…since the other one was broken
“Yuvi, you don’t look like a joker…okay maybe you do with one hand in a sling”, Naina laughed as she buttoned up Yuvi’s sherwani
“But why do I have to wear this, don’t I look nice in my normal clothes,” Naina rolled her eyes, lately she has been having to deal with a very whiny Yuvi…which was very unusual
“Yuvi, stop acting weird and whiny! It is Sid and Tamana’s wedding, everbody is going to be in wedding attires and if you go in your normal clothes, you’ll definately look like a joker. And anyways, you should get used to dressing like this…I mean, you have to wear them again during our wedding,” Naina who had been staring at the buttons, now looked up to meet Yuvi’s eyes.
“Our wedding? What are you talking about Naina? When did I say I want to marry you?” Yuvi moved away from a shocked Naina
“What do you mean by that, Yuvi? Don’t you want to marry me?”, Naina widened her eyes in anger but in response all she got was a head shake indicating a clear No.
Before Naina could retaliate she heard Tamana’s mom calling for her and left in a huff. For the rest of the day, she didn’t get an opportunity to talk to Yuvi or rather yell at him. She was constantly busy hiding the bride from a very romantic and eager to meet groom. But to her surprise (or really not) Yuvi was never with Sid, who was otherwise surrounded/assisted by the other guys.
Thankfully, Sid never did get to meet Tamana…it is not that she believed in bad curse or that it would harm the newly-weds if they met right before the wedding…but it wasn’t wrong to be careful. As well as this constant hide and seek between them helped take her mind off Yuvi, even if it was for couple of minutes.
As she led Tamana to the mandap, she couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. Tamana got a guy who loved her dearly and would do anything for her, not that she had doubts Yuvi wouldn’t either…before he refused to marry her. Naina eyes teared up, which thankfully went unnotice.
As soon as the first pehra started, a little girl came running to her with a flower. When Naina asked who gave it, the girl simply ran away. The flowers continued to be delievered by the girl until the last phera, when she didn’t get any…her curiousity got the better of her. She left the mandap area to look for the little girl, she spotted her by the door leading up to the terrace and followed after her. She opened the terrace door ready to confront either the little girl or the person who was sending her the flowers but instead went into a surprised shock at what she saw.
The terrace was decorated with her favourite lilly petals and the wedding lights. She walked in awe struck mode…trying to absorb the beauty.
“I knew I could count on your curiousity”, came a voice from behind her
Naina turned around to see Yuvi standing there with a bouquet of flowers in his unbroken hand. She was too shocked to move and continued to have an awe struck look. Yuvi lowly chuckled at her reaction and walked toward her stopping just few metres from her. He offered her the flowers, which a shocked Naina accepted with trembling hands.
She was afraid to guess what this was all about, as far as she knew Yuvi was a very unpredictedable man, so she simply waited for him to make his move, which he certainly did. Before she knew it, she saw the man she loved…the one who she couldn’t imagine her life without…get down on his one knee.
“Naina…how could you believe that I don’t want to marry you? You are my love, who I am is all because of you. Otherwise, I would be in jail right now fighting charges against murder”, Yuvi chuckled as if he had just made a joke, which brought a small smile on Naina’s face.
“Naina…I love you! I fight with you! I scream at you…tell you to go away! But at the end of the day I love you! Will you…will you give me the privlege of spending the rest of my life with you…please!” Yuvi took out a blue velvet ring box from his pocket and revealed a small-cut diamond ring.
Naina didn’t know what to say, so instead of saying anything…she started to…laugh. To the shock of Yuvi, Naina started to laugh uncontrollably
“You…you said…please!!” she continued to laugh until she felt Yuvi’s hand on her wrist.
“Yes or….No?” Yuvi twisted Naina’s arm and brought her closer to him.
“NO!!”, Naina said looking straight into his eyes
Yuvi’s eyes widened in shock and he immediately let go of her hand…he was about to walk away when he heard Naina speak.
“Yuvi…how could you believe that I don’t want to marry you?” Yuvi turned around to see a smirking but shy looking Naina and knew that he will never be able to beat her for the rest of their life together.
Finally he was one step closer to his goal, he had finally gotten his brother’s file…all thanks to Naina. Through, her he had gained easy access into Dr.Shashank’s house without them suspecting anything. All night he couldn’t sleep because of excitement…he was desperate to see her…he had to tell her how he felt about her…and on top of all he wanted to thank her.
Next Day at Sanjeevani
Yuvi entered Sanjeevani with an unusual smile on his face, which made everyone at the hospital turn their heads. He walked into the locker room still smiling which caught all of the interns off-guard
“Yuvi, what is wrong with you? Why are you acting so happy?”, Sid walked toward Yuvi with an amused smile.
Yuvi didn’t respond to Sid, and instead he let his eyes wander around the room in search of Naina but she wasn’t there.
“Um…Sid…where is Naina?” Yuvi asked trying to sound casual but failing miserably
“Ooooh, Yuvi bhaiyya…why have you suddenly taken interest in Naina plowherji?” JP joked with a questioning look.
“Arre JP, it is not sudden, haven’t you noticed…Yuvi has been taking a bit too much interest in Naina these days”, Sid continued the teasing session
To further surprise of all, Yuvi did not snap or gave a sarcastic response to the teasing but instead he blushed. The others were just too shocked to see the blush to say anything more. Just when Sid regained control over himself, Naina walked into the room. She greeted everyone in the room…besides Yuvi. She completely walked past him…leaving everyone in shock and wonder including Yuvi.
Naina continued this behaviour all day, ignoring and avoiding Yuvi as if she did not even acknowledge his existence. The smile that was quite evident on Yuvi’s face in the morning was replaced by the usual scowl soon after Naina’s entry. He was getting really frustrated…despite working in the same room it seemed that they were miles apart. She refused to even look at him, let alone talk.
This continued for the rest of the shift…since both of them did not have night shifts, unlike the rest of the interns, they ended up in the locker room along with each other. Yuvi watched Naina as she changed into her usual get up and collected her stuff.
Naina was about to walk out when she felt herself being twisted by the arm and against the lockers.
“Why the hell have you been ignoring me for the whole day? What the hell is your problem?” Yuvi further pushed a struggling Naina into the lockers. “Naina, answer me!” Yuvi quietly yelled.
“I am just doing what you would have done otherwise, Yuvi”, Yuvi looked at her with a confused expression. “Don’t look so confused Yuvi! I mean…weren’t you going to ignore me anwyays after you got the file!” Naina gave a hurtful smirk to Yuvi
“Naina….how…”, Yuvi began to question but was interrupted by Naina
“How do I know? I heard you talking to Mac the first time he came to Sanjeevani”, Yuvi looked shocked at that relevation. “Oh c’mon Yuvi, don’t act so shocked! You know how curious I am, isn’t it the same curiousity you took advantage of? You wanted to use my love to get a mere file. You should have just asked Yuvi, what was the need of doing such drama”, a tear felt down her right cheek.
“Naina…Na…”, Yuvi tried to explain himself but failed to come up with something…anything at all.
“Yuvi, that day Mac said you do not let anyone love you, well congratulations! You have succeeded! Not only did you obtain the file but you have managed to push someone away! I don’t love you anymore! I hate you, Yuvi!”, Naina’s words reflected so much venom that Yuvi was taken aback.
He let go of her hands in shock and watched as she walked away from him.
“Naina….the…the only reason….why I don’t let anyone love me is….because whoever…I….love…always leaves me alone! And you have done the same! NAINA!!!!” Yuvi screamed Naina’s name so loud that practically everyone at Sanjeevani heard it except for the person herself.
Left Alone
“Why are you sitting here all alone?” Muskaan approached a figure sitting in the dark on the terrace
The figure turned around to give a watery smile before turning back without saying anything
“It is always good to share your pain with someone, especially of the same gender.” Muskaan laughed at her own joke
The girl looked up with a disgusted face, which Muskaan thought was because of her weird laugh. Since she was used to people giving her weird looks when she laughed, she ignored it and instead went to sit beside the girl.
“So, are you going to tell me what is wrong?” Muskaan gave the girl a small smile which was surprisingly returned by the girl
“I don’t know you”, the girl stated the obvious
“Well, we can introduce ourselves now…hi, I am doctor Muskaan! I am the new gyno at Sanjeevani and you are?” Muskaan looked at the girl with a questioning but a happy look
“Hi, I am Naina…I am an intern here!” Naina gave Muskaan her trade-mark smile
“Well, Naina….you have a very pretty smile….so why isn’t it always there?” Muskaan looked at Naina in curiousity
“Because…because he left me!” Naina cried out tearless
“So?” Muskaan asked calmly
“So? so? How would you feel if the guy you love, leaves you?” Naina looked horrified
“As a matter of fact, the guy that I loved did leave me!” Muskaan looked up to stare at the moon
“Oh…I am sorry! well…you seem to be okay about it?” Naina looked away from Muskaan’s face
“You can’t expect me to stop my life just because somebody decided to leave me. Whatever time I spent with him were the best days of my life…but I know that every good thing has to come to an end sometime…it’s another matter that the end came before I expected it to”, Muskaan sighed loudly
“But…but if you don’t want it to end…why does it end? Why did he choose…why didn’t he choose me?” Naina whined dramatically
“Well…I wish I knew the answer to your questions…but I don’t! I have been looking for the answers myself…I haven’t found them yet!” Muskaan said sadly
“Hm…but you are so nice…why did he leave you? I hope it wasn’t the same reason as why mine left me”, Naina looked at Muskaan with a sad face
“Why did he leave me? Sometimes I feel like he left me for the reason he told me…as in he can’t be a father and sometimes I feel he left me because he was scared of committments”, Muskaan looked at Naina with a sad smile
“Oh…but couldn’t you have adopted? I mean…I am really sorry…he felt that he need to leave you”, Naina looked away
“hm…we could have done a lot but…but he didn’t want to! It’s okay though…haven’t you heard that song “I will survive”…I will survive without him…I may not love another person again but I am not going to give up hope on living…and neither should you”, Naina got up to leave as she had to get back to work
“hmm…don’t give up hope! I wish it was easier done than said…are you leaving?”, Naina looked at the other woman
“I have to get back to work…but…mind if I ask you a question? Why did he leave you? Hopefully his reason was much better than what Rahul’s was!” Muskaan smiled at the name
“He…he left me because he found somebody better! He realized that he doesn’t love me but someone else!” a tear dropped from Naina’s eyes
“Oh…so he left you for another girl…” Muskaan gave a pity look to the girl in front of her
“I wish!” Naina sighed loudly
“What do you mean?” Muskaan looked at her with a questioning face
“I mean…he left me…but not for a girl…he left me because he fell in love with Siddhant!” Naina exclaimed loudly leaving Muskaan with her mouth hanging open.

Something New…Something Old 

4th Month

“Bhabhi, I think you should rest now!” Roshini tried to get her sister-in-law to sit down
“Rosh….but I want to dance! I feel like dancing!” Naina whined and refused to budge
“Bhabhi, seriously! If bhaiyya catches you dancing in this condition….we both will be served for dinner tonight!” Rosh tried to reason with her adamant bhabi
“Not both of us…but the three of us!” Naina rubbed her tummy with a silly smile…still dancing though
“Yes bhabhi, all three of us will be dead! Now can you please sit down”, Roshini rolled her eyes and tried to drag Naina to the nearest sofa
“Okay…okay I will sit down”, Naina finally stopped dancing and sat down

6th Month

“Hey…I’m home!” Yuvi called out and headed to the living room to look for his wife

“Yuvi!!! You’re home!” Naina nearly jumped on Yuvi and hugged him really tightly, while Yuvi just laughed

“Yes, I’m home! When I left in the morning…my wife was semi-normal…has she completely switched into a child now?” Yuvi joked as he hugged her back

“Ha ha ha, very funny! Um…I just missed you!!” Naina got out of his arm and gave him a kiss on the cheek

“Well…I missed you too! Especially since the hospital seems really quiet and in-control ever since you have taken the maternity leave”, Yuvi held Naina from her waist gently and brought her closer so he could nibble on her neck.

“Yu…Yuvi….get off of me! You…you just missed me because the hospital is quieter ever since I left?” Naina got teary-eyed

“Na…Naina…I was just joking baby! Do you really think that I don’t miss you when I’m at Sanjeevani! I have a lot of memories attached to you at that place! C’mon don’t cry”, Yuvi kissed her softly under both her eyes

“You’ve changed so much Yuvi! There was a time when my pain didn’t matter to you…my tears would just make you back off but you never consoled me.” Naina gave a teary smile to Yuvi

“That’s what you think! Your tears….your pain has always mattered to me…I just had a stronger urge to override that emotion. And you know what I am glad I’ve changed…I’m glad you broke through my shield! You saved me Naina and I will never be thankful enough for that”, Naina silenced Yuvi by putting her finger on Yuvi’s lips

“Haven’t you heard…no thank you or sorry in love?“, Naina smile cutely

“Isn’t it no thank you or sorry in friendship?” Yuvi raised his eyebrow

“Ooooh….looks like someone is turning all filmy!” Naina started to laugh and was joined by Yuvi

7 months

“YUVI!!!!!!” Yuvi came running out of the washroom in nothing but shorts when he heard his wife scream his name
“Naina…Naina…what’s wrong?” Yuvi frantically approached Naina who was sitting on the bed against the head board
“Oh….nothing! I just can’t get the remote for the tv to work….fix it!” Naina gave a cute frown to her husband who seem to have lost his sanity.
8th month
“Naina…there is no burger joint open at 4 in the morning. I’ll make it for you at home”, Yuvi chased after his speed walking wife.
“But…Yuvi! I want it right now and I don’t want one made at home!” Naina halted and turned to look at her husband with child-like anger
“Naina, it’s 4 am…what do you want me to do?” his mother had warned him that preganancy was hard but he never imagined it would be this hard
“Let’s find a joint…and wake the owner up!” Naina turned back and started walking
“And what if he doesn’t wake up?” Yuvi reasoned with her
“Well…then you’ll break into the shop just like you did when I wanted the dress. Oh yeah and make the burger for me too!” Naina started to walk faster
“But…I’ll still be the one making it….NAINA!” Yuvi ran after his adamant wife
9th month
“Yuvi…you jerk!! How could you do this to me…do you really hate me so much”, Naina grabbed a frantic looking Yuvi’s collars
“Dr. Naina….calm down! You need to focus your energy on pushing….not abusing Dr. Yuvraaj”, Muskaan tried to calm down a very angry Naina
“Dr. Muskaan…you don’t know these men! Especially Yuvi!!” Naina pulled Yuvi hard by the collars….making him trumble forward
“Na….Naina! Breathe! Please! Baby Naina…remember?” Yuvi pointed at her tummy to distract her
“Baby….!” Naina let go of Yuvi’s collars and started to smile for the first time since the last two hours.
“Dr. Naina….I want you to push as hard as you can! You can grab onto Dr. Yuvraaj’s hand…but please concentrate on pushing”, Muskaan was starting to get really frustrated with her patient.
The labour continued for another two hours…but this time Naina was a bit calmer though she was still abusing Yuvi. She continuously digged her nails into his arm…which left him yellling in pain after ever few minutes. If Muskaan hadn’t seen this before…she wouldn’t have guessed who was giving birth…both of them were screaming in pain.
After two hours
A cry is heard…and Muskaan displays a tiny red baby to Yuvi and Naina
“Congratulations Doctors!! You have a girl!!” Muskaan gave a smile to the proud parents before handing the baby to the nurse so she can clean her up.
“Hey…you okay?” Yuvi asked a crying Naina as he held onto her by the shoulders
“I love you, Yuvi!” Naina put her head on his shoulder
“Really? It didn’t seem like it few minutes ago!” Yuvi tried to lighten the mood
“Don’t you know Yuvi…I can hurt you…just like you can hurt me…but at the end of the day we both love each other a lot, right?” Naina looked up to meet the smiling face of her husband who nodded in agreement
A month later
“Yuvi…it’s your turn now!” Naina poked Yuvi in the rib to wake him up
“Huh…huh…ooo…Soni….crying…ouch!” Yuvi hit the bed table as he got up to attend to his crying baby
He walked up to the cot and was just about to pick Soni up when he noticed that she stopped crying. She was looking at him now with an amused expression…with one of her eyebrow raised.
“Um…Naina…can a baby raise her eyebrow when she a month old”, Yuvi looked horrified at his baby as he yelled out to his sleeping wife.

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