Wow! My last post on this blog was over two years ago. I’m glad to be back to blogging though. It’s a great way to get the mind off of life issues. A lot has changed. One: I got married. And two: I stopped watching/listening to Korean related media.

The latter has been interesting transition. I sort of miss not being up-to-date with all the latest drama (Kdrama and otherwise). Though, I’m still going to attempt to do another series of some well-made Korean High School drama post. The first one has been quite popular (especially lately) so I thought (and was suggested) to do an update version. Again, I’m not up-to-date with all the latest drama so I’m definitely going to miss a few. Still, this is an attempt.

In no particular order:

  1. Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!)

Sassy Go Go

I have to admit…I only watched the last two episodes of this drama. Throughout the series, I kept in touch with the latest episodes through dramabeans. That is my go to when I am too lazy to watch something even if I am really interested in it. True, I didn’t experience watching the great moments in the episodes but hey, better than not watching it at all.

Anyways, this drama is a usual underdog story except for the fact that the two groups in the show are quickly intertwined. Jung Eun-Ji is really great as usual, though I would love to see her in a non high-school drama. She is really talented and her potential is not being tapped. I think. The same goes for Seo Ha-Joon. He plays the second lead. Though, the story doesn’t really explore Eun-Ji and Ha-Joon’s love story till almost at the end. He really did get the short end in the show. I wish they had explored his relationship with his abusive dad a little deeply. Such a loss of a great storyline.

2. High School Love On

High School Love On

This started off great and then it just went…it just became really confusing. Perhaps because of the number of episodes. I know a lot of people had issues with Kim Sae-ron being so young compared to the two boys in the show. I think it was okay. The romantic scenes between Woohyun and Sae-ron weren’t so bad. Actually there were really cute.

The basic story is Sae-ron who is an Angel, loses her power when she saves Woohyun. The story is her adjusting to live as a human and dealing with everyday high school issues. It’s cute.

3, Monstar


This is the only drama on the list…wait except for number 5 that I watched in its entirety and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think all of them acted well enough for pseudo newbies. Wait does pseudo work in this context? I really hope so.

Yong Jun-Hyung from Beast plays Seol-Chan, an idol with an attitude problem. And one with no friends. He has clashes and falls in love with another new student in the school he ends up attending. There are few misunderstandings, lots of music and a feel good underdog story. The love story doesn’t really see a sweet conclusion. Well, I guess they are together but they weren’t really shown to be together.

Dahee, from a former Kpop girl group, Glam plays Kim Na-Na who everyone including Jun-Hyung is scared of. The reason I mentioned her is because of the criminal case against her for blackmailing another actor (who btw got scot-free doesn’t being a cheating jerk!!!!).

4. AftermathAftermath

Just like Eun-Ji, it seems like poor Dong Jun is stuck in a high school role. Not sure if I have ever seen him branch out in other roles that are not high school related.

This is a short series with only 6 or 7 episodes. I think there is a season two too that I haven’t watched yet. It’s a supernatural thriller that reminds me of a Japanese drama that I can’t remember the name of. In the other drama, the good and the evil had the power to save or kill a living being by touching them. Here Dong Jun has the power to see who is going to get murdered and I remember there was another guy who could kill with his looks. I think. It’s been a long-time since I saw this series.

5. Adolescence Medley

Adolescence Medley

This is another mini-series that stars another actor forever stuck in a high school character role. Though, he was born in 1997 so I guess he counts unlike the other guys. Actually, there is another guy in the series who has always played a high schooler. Kwak Jung Wook has played a high schooler in White Christmas and School 2013 as well. Kwak Dong-yeon is the former actor I was talking about. They are not related though I think they are represented by the same entertainment company.

Dong-yeon plays a character who has had to transfer to seven schools because of his dad’s job. He ends up in a small town with the hope that his dad will be transferred to Seoul in few days. Thinking that to be true, he ends up making a few enemies and a girlfriend in the process. It’s a cute story and you can find the entire mini-series on YouTube. I think that’s where I watched it last year.

6. Angry Mom

Angry Mom

Google image ‘angry mom’. The results are hilarious!! Stock images at their best. I admit. I haven’t watched this drama. But I think everyone wants me to add it here so I did. I’ve heard it’s a really great drama and I have read a few recaps on dramabeans. Ji-Soo from Sassy Go Go is also part of this show. I have seen a few clips of him and they are equally sad and hilarious. Will watch it soon!

Other mentions (ones that I haven’t watched but have heard good things about):

  1. Who are You: School 2015
  2. Seonam Girls High School Investigators (I want to watch this one!)
  3. The Flatterer 
  4. Reply 1988


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