Songs without Konglish

Most trendy Korean Pop songs have English lyrics. Or Engrish/Konglish as some people like to call it. I think I’ve lost count of how many videos, gifs, images, text posts I have seen in regards to mispronunciation of English lyrics in a Korean song. Personally, I don’t care. Yes, I had no idea what Ravi was saying at the beginning of ‘Voodoo Doll‘, nor do I think that Boyfriend were talking about ‘Bat Girl’, in their song ‘Janus‘. Perhaps we, as in I, have gotten so used to hearing mispronounced English lyrics in Korean (Bollywood) songs.

Anywho, I have decided to take on the challenge of finding Kpop songs released in recent years that DID NOT have any English lyrics in their songs. It’ll be hard but that’s what makes it a challenge right? Let’s start!

First up is B1A4’s Tried to Walk. 

Besides the title of the song, there isn’t a single word of English in the song, thus preventing English upholders to make fun of the boys. In other B1A4’s songs, Baro has had to sing/rap a few English lyrics and let’s just say he wasn’t well appreciated for it. By that, I don’t mean that people were rude to him but that he was made fun off. I guess.

Find the lyrics here.

I don’t think I’ve heard this song before. A pretty nice song, perhaps it needs a listen. A better listen. First up on the girl group to be listed on this post is Kara with their song Damaged Lady.

I would have guessed that Nicole would have gotten some English lyrics for obvious reasons in every Kara song but guess that is not true.

Find the lyrics here.

Alright, this has been a good idea because now I have learned of a new group, Demion and their song Ask Her Out. Why do I recall that one of VIXX’s potential members from pre-debut era is in this group? Perhaps I am wrong. Anyways, this is the debut song of these boys and though the song is a typical Kpop song, I am still liking it a lot. It’s interesting, though, to know that they don’t have a single word in English in the lyrics.

Find the lyrics here.

This one is definite surprise. Eric Nam’s Heaven’s Door, does not have a single word of English. Considering he is an American, I was sure that his first debut song would have tons of English in it. Guess not. Perhaps, the fact that there is an English Version of this song helps.

Find the lyrics here.

Time for another girl group, or rather a unit group. Sistar 19’s Gone Not Around Anymore. I totally love this song, Hyorin’s voice is one of the best in the current stream of Kpop artists. I would have expected the rap part to at least have some English word but nope. I keep repeating myself about how surprise I am about the lack of English, aren’t I? If you listen to Kpop on a regular basis, you would understand why so.

Find the lyrics here.

P.S. This song is so calming. I love balladish type of music.

Has this boy released another music video yet? I feel like I haven’t seen him in the music scene for a while. The last I saw him was in one of the BTOB’s MTV show. Anywho, I didn’t give this song another listen after it was first released so couldn’t remember if did or did not have any English lyrics. Apparently it doesn’t. On the other hand, I love the dance. Yes, it’s provocative but hey, who said I didn’t like those stuff?

Find the lyrics here.

This has been an extremely hard task since I tried to avoid songs even a word of English. I had Infinite’s Chaser on the list as well but sigh because it had the word ‘Girl’ in it, I had to remove it. Anyways, these are just my picks.

What are some of your favourite ones with no English lyrics?


6 thoughts on “Songs without Konglish

  1. saphirya says:

    I took me time but I manage to find at least one, I didn’t go through my library tho – 선인장 (Cactus) sang by Woohyun and Lucia

  2. randompanda94 says:

    I never noticed that Demion’s song didn’t have any English! It’s surprising considering they have 2 members fluent in English who have even appeared on Arirang radio, hosting in English. And I’m pretty sure Nakhun was the member who was in MyDol (the VIXX thing, I think that’s what it’s called) and he’s also one of the English speaking members 🙂
    There is some English in the beginning of Punishment though: “Baby, I know I did something wrong, but forgive me. Let the beat drop, come on”
    When I think of Korean songs without any English, Tried to Walk is the only one that comes to mind so it’s interesting to see others too. I really like that there’s no English in Tried to Walk and it’s such a lovely song ^^

    • Sumi says:

      Ahh that’s true there is English in the beginning. Clearly, I didn’t listen properly.

      And really? Demion have two English speaking members? I should look the group up to learn more.

      Thanks for your comment ^^

      • randompanda94 says:

        Yeah, Nakhun and Sangbum have really good English! Sangbum lived in the Philippines for 4 years and Nakhun lived in Sydney, Australia for 10 years~ I’m actually from Australia so I think that’s really awesome he lived in the same city as me for 10 years!

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