Kpop Songs with no MVs

There are thousands of songs with no music videos. Which sometimes results in not charting in those major music charts that every country has. It also results in us missing out on them. Which I don’t like. At all. I like my music and I like to have options. Ugh!

Okay, I am just exaggerating. Below are some songs that I have discovered over the year, they are not in any particular order and I might be missing out on a lot of them. Sigh. I left my notebook at home which had the list. So, this list is definitely incomplete. Maybe, I’ll go home and add some more since this is not going to be published immediately. That’s a good idea, Sumaiya. You shall do that.

So, without any further rant…delay, here are my favourites. Not necessarily from this year.

My Girl from Today by VIXX

Buy on iTunes (Track 9)

Talk Talk by SNSD

Buy on iTunes (Track 4)

Back to Square One by 2PM

Buy on iTunes (I think this is the album)

Diamond by SNSD

Buy on iTunes (Track 5)

Love Dust by Kyuhyun

Can’t find it on iTunes. Help?

Laughing by Shinhwa

Buy on iTunes (Track 6)

Past Days by Monstar

Buy on iTunes (Track 1)

Killer by RaNia

Can’t find it on iTunes. Help?

Begging You by 2LSON

Buy on iTunes (Track 11)

Distance by Boa

Buy on iTunes (Track 3)

Magic of Love by Hara

Buy on iTunes (Track 1)

Beloved by FT Island

Buy on iTunes (Track 2)

I’m Going to You by Infinite

Can’t find it on iTunes. Help?

Hope it’s with you by Say Yes

Buy on iTunes (Track 3)

Virus by Say Yes

Buy on iTunes (Track 2)

Girl Like You by Topp Dogg

Buy on iTunes (Track 3)

Ending Page by f(x)

Buy on iTunes (Track 12)

Baby Baby by Kim Won Joo and Ben

Buy on iTunes (Track 2)


4 thoughts on “Kpop Songs with no MVs

  1. saphirya says:

    Shinhwa “Laughing” is a great song love the feel coming from it and Infinite “Going to You” is my fave from the album after inception ( Inception should have an MV tho). Mainly love “Going to you” cause of Woohyun part…

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