Most provocative Kpop songs

Aka sex songs.

So I was debating if I should make a post about this or not. And then I said to myself, “why do I even care what people would think?” Sheesh. Weird me.

Anyways, so while watching Miss A‘s Hush today I realized something. The song’s lyrics itself depicts a sex act. An innocent one of course. We are not talking about porn here. Not that is not innocent. Wait. Sigh. Nevermind. Let’s just get one with this.

First song is the one that got me thinking about this post, Miss A‘s Hushit came out yesterday I believe and has become one of my most favourite songs of the season. It is so well sung and there isn’t a weird rap break in between. It’s fabulous. It doesn’t have over the top vocals nor high notes that would make you turn the volume down, but a really nice subtleness about it. I am really glad I have pre-ordered this song.

Miss A – Hush

Next up is one that is known by everyone. It was even banned by Korean censorship department. I am not a fan of the song or even the group but it is an iconic song. No matter which fandom you belong to, as long as you are part of kpop, you will know of this song. Or at least that’s my believe. Sigh. I need to pause Miss A’s song so I can go listen to DBSK’s Mirotic. Okay so I just looked up the lyrics and nothing other than ‘under my skin’ is even sexual. The guys look damn hot though so I guess that must be it.

Side note: the more I listen to it, the more I like the song. Dammit. I don’t need more songs. Especially Kpop songs. Or groups. Or groups that are split in two at the moment. I am already dealing with SS501 temporarily separation and shrinking U-Kiss.

DBSK – Mirotic.


Now this one has very sexual and explicit lyrics. About sex of course. The girls are not acting any sexier than any other girl group who have taken on the sexy concept role. Now if they had choreographed their song exactly based on the lyrics than that would be a different story all together.

RaNiaDr. Feel Good

“If you just fumble around with
your clothes,
the day will be over
If you just hesitate awkwardly,
the day will be over”

Enough said.

There are lack of male group songs that are so explicitly about sex. It seems that they just like to dance the pelvic dance and nothing more. The girl groups are winning when it comes to lyrics about sex. Wait. Is that a good thing? Or does it mean that they are being objectified? I guess that is a good debate to have. Perhaps the companies ought to think about it.


I lied. It seems some guys, more so solo artists, do have songs with explicit lyrics. This one by Jay Park doesn’t have a video going along with it, which is a little disappointing. But I can see why. Censorship would be all over it. I do recall there being a controversy about this song nonetheless. Was he trying to promote it on the music show? Hm…don’t remember.

Jay ParkTurn off your Phone

The lyrics definitely do not go along with this music video. I actually did not that this MV existed because I always thought it was a cutesy song. I mean, all idols have danced to it. Especially male idols. I guess I was wrong. The sexy version of the MV has a make out/sex act but the lyrics are about cheating, so confused. Anyways, I like this song. The dance actually more so than the song.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

I haven’t heard many songs from Ivy before but I know she is a fabulous singer based on her performances on Immortal Song 2. This MV is quite similar to what she is singing. The title of the song should be enough of an indicator. It is an addictive song. I feel like doing the shoulder dance during the chorus. Don’t ask me why.

IVYTouch Me

Both Trouble Maker songs have been sexy. The second one took it to the next level. I have not watched any of Rihanna’s music video. Yes, I am weird. Leave me alone. But apparently, the MV is similar to the one she did with Chris Brown I believe. I don’t know. Rumours tell me so. Anyways, I love this song and I think it was a very sexy music video. The right kind of sexiness and not one that makes you want to curl up and die. Yes, kpop has tons of those.

Trouble Maker – Now

An uncut version that I just noticed existed today. Which I love even more than the other version.

I planned to have this blog post only about songs with sexual lyrics but since I included T-ara a little while back, it seems that sex scenes or sexy dances are fair play. Though, I rather just mention them here. Well, two.

Sunmi – 24 Hours

Brown Eyed GirlsAbracadabra

Both of these songs have interesting music video but the lyrics are clean. They mostly just talk about either cheating or needing somebody all day long. Nothing too provocative or explicit.

Apparently, the next song has been banned for a while because of it’s sexually explicit video content. This is what I was talking about when I said that there are some ‘sexy’ songs that are not done well at all. Most kpop songs are like this. I don’t get this video. I know she is not a nobody but the video is very try hard. But that’s just my opinion.

Chae Yeon – Shake

Do I even need to talk about the lyrics of the next song? Verbal Jint is good. In every way. Even has a good brain. That is all.

Verbal Jint ft. Kjun – Make Up Sex


This is all from me for now. I’m too sleepy to look up more songs. Though, I’m sure I’ve missed almost all of them here. I believe Taeyang has one and so do GDTOP. Link more below if you think of any.


I have decided to keep this away from FB for obvious reason. Yes, I still live in a culture where such post is frowned upon. I am brown. Muslim. And getting married soon. That is all.


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